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Family Protection Trusts.

What Is A 'Family Protection Trust'?

Think of a Family Protection Trust as a ‘ring fence’ around your assets which you can still make use of, add to, borrow from or pass down to your family/beneficiaries.

Why Use A Family Protection Trust.

Using a Trust provides the security and flexibility to avoid your assets being lost through the remarriage of a spouse when their partner has died or through a child’s failed marriage and other situations which are impossible to predict.

Protect Your Family.

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A family protection trust allows you to have full access to the assets in the trust while you are alive.

However, you choose who will inherit from it upon your death, and the assets are protected against a range of threats; Probate, Disinheriting Children and Care Fees.

Confused? Here's Family Protection Trusts (Simplified)

Imagine a special box called a Family Protection Trust. In this box, you can put things that are really important to you, like your house, savings, or valuable possessions. When you put these things in the box, they're still yours, but they're protected in a special way.

Now, let's say there's a big storm outside, like a lawsuit or financial trouble like care fees. Because your important things are in the Family Protection Trust box, they're safe from the storm. Nobody can take them away, even if things get rough outside.

But here's the cool part: even though your things are safe in the box, you can still use them and enjoy them, just like before. You can live in your house, spend your savings, and use your possessions as you normally would.

The Family Protection Trust acts like a shield, keeping your valuable things safe from outside threats while you continue to use and enjoy them as you always have.

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